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Windows Collage

WINDOWS at Waterloo

Windows support at UW is divided across faculties and Academic Support, with different IT units responsible for different collections of PCs. IST is primarily responsible for Windows PCs running in approximately 50 Academic Support departments. Faculty IT units are responsible for PCs in their own faculties. Starting in 2013 IST started building a PC support infrastructure that all can participate in, using Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager. This has allowed IT staff across campus significant improvements over the day-to-day management and auditing of PCs. More information about the details of SCCM at UW can be found under the "Active Directory Services (Nexus)" and "IST Managed PCs" tab on the left.

As for PC manangement in general, the primary groupings of PCs are:

  • Nexus Managed PCs
  • Client Managed PCs in Nexus
  • and PCs not in Nexus

Secondary groupings that differ less are:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops and
  • Virtual PCs, primarily via our VDI environment
This site addresses PCs in all of these groups, as well as information on security, setup, support, purchasing and maintenance information for the clients and support staff of these workstations and servers. Also included are links related to the Active Directory environment at UW(called Nexus).

WINDOWS in Academic Support

Within Academic Support, IST supports approximately two thousand PCs running the Windows operating system at the University of Waterloo and over 500 Windows-based servers.

As of Fall of 2016, the operating systems we encourage and support are Windows 7 SP1 for workstations, and Windows Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2 for servers. Windows 10 and Server 2016 are in use on campus and being looked at seriously at this time. A Windows 10 project is reviewing that operating system for a possible Winter release to Academic Support. More Windows 10 information is available under the "About Windows" tab on the left.

Server information has been collected primarily under the "Server" tab on the left, although other server material can be found under Security and Hardware. The "Maintaining Your PC" tab will direct you on how to configure and better protect your PC yourself whereas the "IST Managed PCs" tab will show you what we do to configure PCs for our clients. Both have lots of tips for the "do-it-yourselfer".