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Hardware: Laptops and Tablets


A laptop is a portable PC. Laptop prices are dropping and with the cost coming in just slightly higher than a similar desktop more people are considering them. The challenge is in comparing what "similar" means. Beware that there are compromises that may have to made regarding ergonomics, size, life span and cost versus portability that are not an issue with desktops. To help we have created the following:


Tablets are laptops you can use with a pen. They run Windows XP Tablet Edition and allow you to handwrite on the screen which can be inserted into documents "as is" or interpreted into typewritten text. The pen also acts as a mouse on a desktop does and allows you to left-and-right-mouse-click anywhere on the WXP screen. For more information see:


"Notebooks" is usually the term used when referring to laptops and tablets.

The following outline more information to consider when purchasing a notebook:

Created by: Manfred Grisebach, July, 2005