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Laptops are very mature. They’ve been around almost as long as desktops.
Low-end models can be purchased for less than $1000 but should be avoided. For the same reason as desktops, you get what you pay for.
Small tablets do not come with a CDROM. Small laptops often do.
As of the end of last year there were about 26 manufacturers of tablets today.
They now make a perfectly acceptable replacement for a desktop.
If you’re prone to wrist or posture problems you’ll want to be sure to use a properly positioned keyboard
Heat is not just a factor on your lap, but on your wrists, and could shorten the life of hardware components compared to a desktop.
Security concerns almost warrant a seminar onto themselves. All the policies and management techniques we apply within domains become more of a challenge with computers that come and go.
This could eliminate two desktop units.
Much of what you’ve seen in terms of additional applications and handwriting recognition is a feature of Windows XP Tablet edition.
NOT: the tablets themselves
A new version of XP Tablet edition is immanent
You start with a laptop or tablet like the one this presentation is given on.