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Maintaining Your PC

PCs have been getting more difficult to keep up-to-date, and all of the hackers and viruses have become far more sophisticated, making it extremely urgent that a PC be protected and kept current. This includes not just the operating system, and operating system versions, but the applications on the PC. Virus definitions of course, for robust anti-virus programs must also be current to be relevant. IST goes to great lengths to stay current, avoid pitfalls, ban obsolete and compromised applications; all work you'd have to do as well if you wish to be sure and were managing your own PC.

This is why we strongly recommend that all UW-owned PCs, not only be joined to Nexus, so they get the most important security policies applied, but have the SCCM client installed so that IT administrators in your area can manage the other important aspects of a PC.

Please visit the documents on this site to see other advantages of having your PC or laptops managed.