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Maintaining Your PC

Do you maintain your own PC? Are you sure you've done enough to protect it and keep it up-to-date? This site is designed to help you review what it is we recommend be applied to your computer, based on the experience gained maintaining departmental PCs throughout the University. What services are available? What setting are suggested as enhancements to the Operating System to help make you more productive? How do you know your PC is secure enough? Hopefully these links will help you answer these questions.

Staff members with notebooks, that wish to avail themselves of some of the concerns regarding maintenance of their PCs, are encouraged to view the "IST Managed PCs" primary link on the left to see what can be done for you. Since there are departmental resources you need to get at, like the desktop users in your area, there may be benefits to letting someone else worry about the mundane management and at the same time have your notebook behave more like a departmental PC. Much can be done for you without giving up the freedom your notebook allows you.

The "My PC Homepage " link on the left targets students with their own PCs on campus. The rest of the links are aimed more at staff and faculty although there is certainly overlap.