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IST Managed PCs

IST manages approximately 3000 Academic Support PCs, and helps rebuild or partially manage many more faculty and podium PCs running the Windows operating system. The biggest part of having your PC managed is that it removes most of the worry associated with using a PC, and lets you focus on doing your job. So what does it mean to have your PC managed?  It can mean different things depending on your PC. Academic Support desktops start with an IST-built image on them. This image, and the way it is subsequently used, has been designed:

  • for easy replacement and repair,
  • to be secure
  • to redirect all personal and departmental data to a backed-up server share
  • to have required applications readily available or installed
  • to have Windows and application usability features enabled
  • and to give you a common look-and-feel with other desktops in your department.

If you have a notebook we've chosen not to replace the vendor-installed image, but rather we've designed an infrastructure that allows you to install the applications you'll need to do your job, update and secure this notebook like we do our desktops and do so all without compromising the notebook portability you rely on. Features of having your notebook managed by IST include:

  • Backup is provided for all personal files (email, address book, browser favorites, application data files) in a number of ways
  • Full imaged backup of your entire hard disk is offered
  • Applications are updated to recent versions. - Client application licenses for UW and departmental applications are applied.- Notebook will end up at same level, or beyond, as departmental desktops.
  • A Roaming Profile will be reviewed
  • Use of problematic email clients will be discouraged
  • Easier access to Nexus resources is provided by virtue of being part of the domain
  • Multiple Security updates are applied
  • Network configuration is verified
  • Departmental printers added
  • and some local "usability" changes are applied.

For details see our document entitled "Using a Managed Notebook Computer".

Either way, the links provided here identify what it is we believe it means to have a managed PC and what we have done to modify what Microsoft, and other application vendors deliver, to best suit your personal and departmental needs.