Windows XP in Academic Support

Windows XP (out of the box) and IST Basic Changes Applied

December 2004


The following identified attributes apply when you run an entirely unmodified version of Microsoft’s Windows XP, as it comes “out-of-the-box”.  Some basic changes that have been applied to ISTs’ Academic Support WXP Image are listed.

Windows XP (out of the box) Security Concerns

·       No authentication required

·       No logon, hibernation or screen-saver password

·       Automatic Administrator

·       An administrator does not automatically have the right to access files of a limited user account

·       Pre-SP2 Internet Connection Firewall is not on

·       Files and Folders may not be private

·       File sharing is on – NOTE: SP2 Windows Firewall does not block this!

·       Once you create your own admin account ‘Administrator’ is somewhat hidden


 Windows XP (out of the box) Efficiency and Reliability Concerns and Solutions



Default Taskbar and Desktop Layout

IST Taskbar and Desktop Layout


Default Start Menu


IST Start Menu


Default “My Computer” Layout


IST “My Computer Layout”



Document created by: Manfred Grisebach. The WCP Image section was created from notes provided by Peter Schepers.

Creation Date: December 2nd , 2004