How to Configure Your PC to Academic Support Standards



Manual Changes Applied




If not ADS



Changes Applied Remotely by joining ADS

Final Customizations

Final Cleanup

Create a Backup

Appendix A: Regional Changes

Appendix B: Hardware and Device Drivers

Appendix A: Changes that may have to be applied if your computer was not purchased in Canada

Customizing regional settings:

o        Select Customize on Regional & Language Options

o        Select English (Canada) in Standards & Formats

o        Select Canada for Location.

o        Click Apply

o        Select the Languages tab & click Details

o        Set Default Input Language to English Canada (US)

o        Click OK & Apply

o        Select Advanced tab

o        Under Language for Non-Unicode Programs select English (Canada)

o        Click Apply & OK

o        Click the Details button.

o        Remove the English (US) Keyboard item

o        Click Apply, OK

o        Click Next


Set Date & Time

o        Select time-zone (GMT -05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

o        Check that the time is correctly set


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Created by: Manfred Grisebach, Based on notes by: Peter Schepers     Last Updated: Nov 24th  , 2004