How to Configure Your PC to Academic Support Standards



Manual Changes Applied




If not ADS



Changes Applied Remotely by joining ADS

Final Customizations

Final Cleanup

Create a Backup

Appendix A: Regional Changes

Appendix B: Hardware and Device Drivers

Create a Backup Image


Backup is important. We recommend you create a backup of your workstation contents at appropriate times if your computer is not based on the IST image.

When we are finished customizing our computers we back them up by creating an image of the contents that we can restore if problems happen. This image is a compressed copy of everything† found in a disk partition and when replaced onto the computer sets it back to exactly the same state when the image was made. The compressed image can be made onto another disk partition on your hard disk. It can also be made onto writable CDís or DVDs. Removable media gives the added security of allowing you to restore the contents of a failed hard disk should the only one you have fail although a second partition on your only hard drive (or a second hard drive) can get you out of trouble if it were to contain an image of the primary partition.


Several products can be used to create a partition. The one we use is PowerQuest Drive Image/Deploy Center. Other products like Symantec Ghost will also work.


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Created by: Manfred Grisebach, Based on notes by: Peter Schepers†††† Last Updated: Nov 24th† , 2004