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Changes Applied Remotely by joining ADS

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Appendix A: Regional Changes

Appendix B: Hardware and Device Drivers

Changes Applied Remotely by joining ADS

As discussed in the Introduction more customizations to your Windows XP operating system occur when you join your PC to the ADS domain. Please note that very few policies are considered mandatory. Most are desired by the departments you may be part of and are applied by virtue of departmental (or Organizational Unit) membership.


Advantages to joining your computer to the ADS domain are discussed in “Setting_up_a_Notebook_versus_a_Desktop.htm”. If there is not enough benefit cited there to join the domain the subsections below identify exactly what changes are applied. The example workstation (and user) in the detailed list has been joined to the IST Organizational Unit and has all changes required of that department listed.

Mandatory Policies Applied

These are the policies applied to all workstations that join the ADS domain. The primary reason for most of them is security.

Optional Policies Applied to departmental PCs

These are the policies applied to a computer joined to a departmental organizational unit, specifically IST in this example.

Affect of Policies Applied

A detailed view of all policies applied in ADS and their effect on the OS can be viewed by clicking here.


Less Detailed Reference

To see a less detailed summary of policies applied go to:


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