Remote Changes Applied to Managed ADS Workstations

March 2005


This document is intended as a simplified overview of all of the remote policies applied to a managed ADS workstation.* These policies are divided into two groups.


  1. The first are the ones applied to the computer. This implies it affects all users of the computer.
  2. The second group are applied to users. Since they are domain policies they are only applied to domain user objects and not to local workstation objects. Please note that some domain administrative accounts are treated differently and may not have the same set of policies applied.


Attributes Modified by Domain Policy

Computer Configuration

These are the attributes modified on the computer. Some of these stay applied whether-or-not the computer is connected to the network and in the domain. Others only apply when the computer is physically part of the domain.  






User Configuration

These attributes have been applied to all user objects in Academic Support departments. This means they will apply whenever these clients log into their ADS account from a computer also in the ADS domain (managed or unmanaged).




For complete details of everything applied, from a workstation point-of-view, see:

            ADS Workstation Policies

For a list of all of our Domain Policies and what they define see:


* Having your workstation managed implies it has been joined to the Academic Support organizational unit (OU).



Last updated by: Manfred Grisebach, IST Systems, Mar 14th , 2005