Changes Applied to a Managed ADS Workstation

March 2005


Windows XP, as it comes out of the box, often gets changed. Computer vendors apply value-added utilities and customize the look-and-feel of the operating system to optimize the experience for their clients. IST has done the same thing for PCs in Academic Support departments. Many changes were made for security reasons, others for usability. This document attempts to define both:

  1. To inform affected clients what changes have been applied to their workstations and
  2. To provide technical assistance for those wishing to apply similar changes themselves, or
  3. To help you decide to agree to have these changes applied to your workstation.


Changes Applied Remotely by Group Policy

Remote policies are desired, whenever possible, because they affect large groups of PCs the same, and assure that PCs are not left vulnerable if a local setting is overlooked. To view the changes that affect a workstation when it becomes “managed” click:

 List of Remote Policies remotely applied to a managed ADS workstation.

Detailed View

The following web references exist for those of you that crave more details than provided in the list above.

ADS Mandatory Domain Policies 

Some policies are applied for the protection of the client. Others are applied for the protection of the organization. When a client’s workstation is violated, it often affects more than just the workstation. In an attempt to avoid this it is asked that all workstations in ADS be subjected to this list of Mandatory Policies.

ADS Policies Applied by Organizational Unit

For a variety of reasons some clients wish to manage the workstations they use themselves, with as little outside influence as possible. However, if you are interested in the details of what has been applied to a workstation within a fully managed OU a list of all Optional Policies Applied to Academic Support OU’s has been provided.


Changes Applied Locally by IST to the Operating System

Not all changes can be applied by domain policy. Others are important enough that they should apply whether-or-not the PC is connected to the network. This List of Changes lists most of what we modify locally on a workstation in Academic Support in ADS before delivering the PC to the department.

Windows XP (out of the box) Concerns and IST Basic Changes Applied

Lastly, these links are included for completeness. Windows XP has its share of security concerns. This web page identifies some of them. It also graphically displays a few of the more basic usability changes we’ve applied.

o        Taskbar

o        Desktop Layout

o        Start Menu and

o        “My Computer” layout




Document created by: Manfred Grisebach. Last Updated: March 14th , 2005