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ADS: User & Workstation Policies Applied

Policies, the type that get applied to users and workstations, can be applied locally or remotely. For users, this might be a policy that forces a password length or complexity restriction. For a workstation, this may be a policy that enables Windows firewall. Within Nexus, our managed desktop workstations have both local and remote policies applied as part of the IST image we install before the PC is delivered. For our notebook clients we document the local changes so a client can choose to apply them, if desired, for consistency with desktops within their departments or for security or efficiency reasons, taking advantage of the experiences gained here at UW. The remote policies are also clearly documented so the implications of joining Nexus are clearly understood. See below for more information.

Remote Policies

These are typically applied to a group of users or workstations for either security or consistency reasons. Nexus allows its administrators the ability to create a hierarchy within which we can apply our policies. The higher-up in the hierarchy the policy is applied, the more users or workstations are affected. Remote Policies over-ride local ones.

Local Policies

On a portable PC it is wise to apply the same policy locally as may be remotely applied, so that it takes affect when the computer is not connected to the network.

Created by: Manfred Grisebach, July 2005