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Windows Server

Windows Servers in IST have undergone a migration to a common Operating System build that has evolved from our NT days. Now they are built from unattended installs and include a level of security that locks down what we can, without compromising whatever it is the server is supposed to offer. Microsoft has helped a lot, of course, with the newest operating system, Windows 2012 and their latest Service Pack, giving us new tools to make this job easier. The Security link, on the left, goes into more details as to what we recommend be applied to a Windows Server, by way of security.

Disaster recovery is another important aspect of server management. Since anyone in charge of maintaining a server requires quick access to support documentation during a crisis, this page is designed to help you with the most critical procedures and links required during these times.

Procedural documentation can be found under the "Procedures" link.

For security reasons, not all information can be offered "publicly" so some of the links found in this section may require authenticated access to read. If more information is required you could contact IST CSS via your helpdesk.