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Windows Collage

WINDOWS at Waterloo

Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used operating system at the University of Waterloo, and can be found installed on about 10,000 PCs and Servers across campus. The operating system, and the applications running on this OS are managed by IT groups across campus, most of whom leverage a support infrastructure provided by Microsoft called “System Center Configuration Manager” or SCCM.  This infrastructure is managed by IST, and is documented under the “IST Managed PCs” section on the left.

Guidelines on the general use of a computer exist to help govern the appropriate and ethical use of these UW-owned resources. This site exists to present and promote these guidelines, along with many other documents on security, PC management, acquiring applications, laptop use and tips to name a few, all to help with day-to-day concerns and use of a workstation.

At times it can be difficult to find or extract information required about a workstation, userid, printer, virtual workstation, security group, or available software. A number of IST-provided web pages exist on the page called “PC Tools” to help with this. They are accessible from the menu on the left.

In general, this site is targeted at Nexus and SCCM-managed PCs, including:

  • Desktop PCs
  • Laptops and
  • Virtual PCs, primarily on our VDI environment

Our primary supported operating system is Windows 10, although some legacy information is still available on the “About Windows” tab on the left. If you expected something else to be available here, have suggestions for the existing structure or content, or can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the Workstation Services group in IST or send an email to