Project Status: Started June 16th, 2006 Last update:

Current status

Updated November 7thth, 2008

Our two Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs) have been installed and, as of October 20th, 2008, are providing redundant cold air to the cold ailes of MC1061.

The remaining phases for this project have been approved and will progress over the next two years. They are:

Implimentation details from earlier are available here: Machine_Room_Project_Details

NOTE: In case of problems with the CRACs go to: Computer Room Air Conditioner Procedures.htm

The new layout plan can be referenced at: 1061-1075_Master Plan.pdf . The Project Plan as of Feb 28, 2008 is available here as well. Progress and implementation details will continue to be posted at this site as details become available.


The IST machine room has been served for a long time by multiple uninterrupted power supplies (UPS's). It is time to visit this model and see if we wouldn't be better served by one (or more) large UPS's instead. We also hope to find out if including a large power generator and a more reliable air conditioner solution makes sense and is feasible. As it turned out, air conditioning turned out to be an even higher priority. Details of the project progression, and results can be viewed be low.


Project Charter

IST UPS Project Charter.htm


Final Report  or


Commissioned Reports

Racon Design Services Report

  Relevant Email Correspondence Supporting/Enhancing Racon Report

PCI Design Services Report

 Relevant Email Correspondence Supporting/Enhancing PCI Report

Comparison Document identifying similarities and differences between the above two reports

Machine Room Project Friday Morning Presentation

Machine Room Project PDF

Project Members

IST - Computing Systems Services

    • Manfred Grisebach (Project Leader)
    • Steve Bourque
    • Steve Breen
    • Graham Leiher
    • Mike Borkowski
    • Jason Gorrie

Plant Operations

    • Rick Zalagenas
    • Zygmunt Bojarski
    • Liviu Cananau





Peak Machine Room Power Consumption

Phase Amps Watts
A 80 28,000
B 66 23,000
C 66


Total   74,000




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